Wedding Night ~ Old Song, The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2017

wedding night

Old Song ~ The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2017, edited by Jim Kacian & the Red Moon Editorial Staff.


Sunday Brunch ~ Golden Triangle Haiku Contest 2018 ~ selected for public exhibition in Washington DC

Questo mio haiku sarà esposto a Washington per tutto il mese di Marzo, assieme ai componimenti degli altri autori selezionati nel Golden Triangle Haiku Contest 2018 (101 su 1675 entries).

This haiku of mine has been selected in the Golden Triangle Haiku Contest for public exhibition in Washington DC (March 2018).


3 haiku sul tema della Wanderung ~ Le Lumachine #26 (Gennaio 2018)

pellegrinaggio –
mi accompagna in silenzio
la mia ombra

al crocevia
ho imboccato il sentiero
meno battuto

alba silvestre –
su ogni filo d’erba
stille di luce

Maria Laura Valente

Le Lumachine, numero 26, Gennaio 2018 ~ periodico fondato e diretto da Stefano d’Andrea.

viandante (1)

5 Haiku ~ Otata 26 (1 Feb. 2018)

lost lullaby…
my parents’ voices
from next room

after a fight –
the bitter taste
of next morning coffee

blind mirror –
the fine art of avoid
my own gaze

first rain of spring –
from me to us
smell of wet tarmac

red moon –
a wish silently slips
in our bed

Otata, issue #26, February 2018, edited by John Martone


Charlotte Digregorio’s upcoming exhibits & workshops in the Chicago area.

Dear Readers and Followers: Little by little, I am filling up my schedule to include more haiku workshops, appearances, and exhibits than last reported. I have added new events for March, April, and June, and will also be judging some haiku contests, the latter that you will hear about later. I always love to meet […]

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