Cold Spring ~ Haiku Commentary (October 2, 2017)

cold spring –
each flower withers

Maria Laura Valente

NHK Haiku Masters, March, 2017

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Five gifterd poets – Nicholas Klacsanzky, Hifsa Ashraf, Martha Magenta, Laughing Waters and Willie Bongkaron – wrote five commentaries about these lines for the distinguished Nicholas Klacsanzky’s blog Haiku Commentary.

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Photograph by © Maria Laura Valente ~ Shinjuku Station, Tokyo, 2014


Wild Sushi Night ~ NHK Haiku Masters (June 2017)

wild sushi night –
the emptyness
in the waitress’s eyes

Maria Laura Valente / Italy

NHK Haiku Masters – Photo Haiku Gallery – June 2017


Picture from my Japanese Honeymoon, Tokyo.

‘Cold Spring’ ~ un mio photo-haiku ospitato su Haiku Masters (March 2017)

Un mio photo-haiku (ispirato da una foto scattata, durante la mia luna di miele in giappone, nei pressi della stazione di Shinjuku, a Tokyo) è ospitato nella web gallery di Haiku Masters (March, 2017), il programma giapponese della NHK World TV.
A photo-haiku of mine, from a shoot I take near Shinjuku Station (Tokyo), during my Japanese honeymoon, has been featured in the japanese NHK World TV program Haiku Masters (March 2017).

cold spring –
each flower withers
fredda primavera –
ogni fiore appassisce
da solo

© Maria Laura Valente

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