Sunset in Salina ~ European Quarterly Kukai #20 (Winter 2017) ~ 09 points

European Quarterly Kukai #20 – Winter 2017 (topic: free)
09 points

sunset in salina –
the twin silhouettes
of a lone flamingo

#205 Maria Laura Valente, Cesena, Italy

tramonto in salina –
le silhouettes gemelle
di un fenicottero solitario

My deep gratitude to the EQKTeam: Krzysztof Kokot & Robert Kania.

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Christmas Eve ~ Butterfly Dream (Dec. 24, 2017) ~ with Chinese translation and a Commentary by Chen-ou Liu

Christmas Eve —
rise and fall of grandma’s rosary
during the bingo

Maria Laura Valente

Asahi Haikuist Network ~ The Asahi Shimbun ~ December 16, 2016 ~ edited by David McMurray

Chinese Translation (Traditional) by Chen-ou Liu for Butterfly Dream

平安夜 —

Chinese Translation (Simplified) by Chen-ou Liu for Butterfly Dream

平安夜 —

Commentary by Chen-ou Liu

L1 establishes the thematic and emotional context while the collocation of rosary and bingo enhances the “hai” (comic)aspect of the poem.

This secular Christmas haiku reminds me of one of the recent Christmas tradition articles I’ve read:

“More People Are Celebrating Christmas Without Religion
From holy night to holly jolly Christmas,” accessed at

Direct link to Chen-ou Liu’s blog NeverEnding Story