Shadow Play ~ haiku sequence by Tim Gardiner & Maria Laura Valente ~ Scryptic, issue 1.4

Shadow Play
A haiku sequence based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho’s suggestions

headlight rain
no sign of a vacancy
on the old road

endless highway
the past looms large
in the drive mirror

the long hours

careless talk
the caged bird sings
with a stutter

this desire is only

mirror mirror
mother’s glare
next to his sneer

maternal envy
shower curtain shadow
on perfect skin

eyes wide open
screams reflect
off his knife

stone cold
her depression
on the bed

morning after
a newspaper
left unread

hilltop house
fresh blood stains
well-worn steps

dark lake
the death rattle
of her car

fruit cellar
flies circle around
the light bulb

final judgement
the shadow play
in mother’s eyes

Tim Gardiner & Maria Laura Valente

Scryptic – Magazine of Dark and Alternative Art, issue 1.4, March 2018, pp. 59-60, edited by Lori A. Minor and Chase Gagnon.