Tre miei haiku pubblicati sul numero 13 di Otata, rivista edita da John Martone.

Tre miei haiku sono stati inseriti nell’ultimo numero (13 – p. 28) di Otata, di John Martone.

Three haiku of mine have been published in the current issue of Otata, edited by John Martone.

Questa triade di haiku sviluppa il tema della solitudine e dell’incomunicabilità all’interno di una coppia. Per citare le parole della poetessa Christina Sng, «i primi due componimenti fissano i punti cardine della scena, l’ultimo chiude perfettamente il trittico».

In these haiku I talk about the loneliness in a relationship. As Christina Sng (talented poet and friend) said: «The first two set the scene and the last one closed the trio perfectly».




january, 2017

Three haiku of mine have been published in the current issue (13 – January 2017) of the amazing journal Otata, by John Martone.
I’m so grateful and honored.


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otata 13 (January 2017)

and from otata’s bookshelf —

John Levy, In the Pit of the Empty

Fred Jeremy Seligson, The Dragon’s Palace


Otata will come again
one day
late fall in the mountains

— Santoka as translated by Burton Watson

Otata mo aru hi wa kite kureru yama no aki fukaku

As Watson notes, “Otata was a woman who went around selling fish in the area of Santoka’s cottage in Matsuyama.”


All works copyright © 2017 by the respective poets.

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—John Martone

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Poetry Isn’t Frivolous

A very interesting post about poetry and books by Charlotte Digregorio.


Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

I write to have people read what I write. Many of my friends tell me they don’t understand poetry because so much of it is frivolous. While there is a lot of nonsense written that people are trying to pass off as poetry, there is still good poetry around.

Thoughtful poetry helps us deal with what is happening in our lives. That’s why I post The Daily Haiku. It not only helps me deal with life’s experiences, but I feel my readers can benefit from having it in their lives.

When I wrote my book, Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All, many of my non-poet friends who don’t even read poetry, were kind of offended I didn’t gift them an autographed copy. I don’t tend to gift a book unless I know the person receiving it is going to read it. And, that goes for relatives, too! I…

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My ‘Christmas School Party’ in ‘Haiku in the Workplace – The Office Flirt’

On December 21st, 2016, one haiku of mine was selected for Jim Kacian’s column ‘Haiku in the workplace ‘. This week topic is: The Boss.

Il 21 Dicembre 2016 un mio haiku è stato selezionato e pubblicato nella rubrica di Jim Kacian ‘Haiku in the workplace’. Il tema di questa settimana è: il flirt in ufficio.

Christmas School Party —
kissing under mistletoe
Maths and History
     — Maria Laura Valente

party natalizio della scuola –
si baciano sotto il vischio
Matematica e Storia

© Maria Laura Valente


Il tema di questa putata era The office flirt // Il flirt in ufficio.

Essendo una prof., ho ambientato il mio haiku durante una festicciola natalizia tra insegnanti, nel corso della quale i prof di matematica e storia vengono ‘beccati’ a scambiarsi un bacio di buon augurio sotto il vischio. Il flirt tra colleghi di ambiti disciplinari differenti mi ha sempre affascinato; anche se  l’antica saggezza insegna che ‘similes cum similibus’, la realtà quotidiana mostra che spesso opposites collide. Ciò accade più spesso di quanto si pensi e talvolta queste unioni possono rivelarsi più efficaci ed equilibrate di quelle tra persone con inclinazioni e background affini.

I’m a teacher, so my haiku talks about a Chritsmas School Party, where Maths and History’s teachers are having a flirt, kissing under mistletoe. Opposite collide… I love this kind of love stories.

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