Three haiku in The Mamba, Journal of Africa Haiku Network ~ Issue 5, March 2018.

Three haiku of mine in The Mamba, Journal of African Haiku, Issue 5, March 2018, edited by Adjel Agyel-Baah and Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian, published by Africa Haiku Network.

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3 haiku sul tema della Wanderung ~ Le Lumachine #26 (Gennaio 2018)

pellegrinaggio –
mi accompagna in silenzio
la mia ombra

al crocevia
ho imboccato il sentiero
meno battuto

alba silvestre –
su ogni filo d’erba
stille di luce

Maria Laura Valente

Le Lumachine, numero 26, Gennaio 2018 ~ periodico fondato e diretto da Stefano d’Andrea.

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Autumn Starlight ~ Butterfly Dream (Sept. 30, 2017) ~ with Chinese translations and a Commentary by Chen-ou Liu

autumn starlight —
a drop of Moscato falls
on poetry

Maria Laura Valente

Asahi Haikuist Network ~ The Asahi Shimbun ~ November 18, 2016 ~ edited by David McMurray

Chinese Translation (Traditional) by Chen-ou Liu for Butterfly Dream

秋季星光 —

Chinese Translation (Simplified) by Chen-ou Liu for Butterfly Dream

秋季星光 —

Commentary by Chen-ou Liu

The visually and emotionally resonant juxtaposition and the unexpected yet thematically significant last line lift the haiku up a notch. Maria’s delicate haiku reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson’s remark on the relationship between wine and poetry:

Wine is bottled poetry.

Direct link to Chen-ou Liu’s blog NeverEnding Story